Katherine Stoessel

International Center for Co-operation and Conflict Resolution accredited mediator
CMC Registered Mediator


Katherine Stoessel


Mediation Experience

A full time, independent, conflict resolution professional, Katherine is certified by the New York State Unified Court System and NRMC which replaced MediationUK. In addition to Oxford Mediation she is a registered member of the Hertfordshire University Mediation Panel. Katherine is also registered with the UK Civil Mediation Council.

Katherine believes passionately in the potential of mediation to help people find their way through complex personal and professional conflict situations. She is particularly skilled in helping parties take perspective, identify key issues, and explore what underlies the strong emotions that often get in the way of a rational approach to resolution. She helps parties come to terms with the past and explore ways to make positive changes for the future.

Katherine, co-founder and director of Beyond Conflict Ltd, has a wide range of experience across the public, voluntary and private sector. She has mediated for NHS Trusts, County and City Authorities, the London Underground, Fire Brigades, Constabularies, Publishing and Recruitment firms, Labour Unions, Housing Trusts, several large voluntary sector organisations, and private research and think tank organisations. Katherine’s work in higher education, includes the position of University Ombusds in New York where in addition to mediating interpersonal and group conflicts she handled mediations around harassment and discrimination. In the UK she has mediated for Oxford, Southampton, Nottingham Trent, Aga Kahn Universities, and Pace and Columbia Universities in New York City.

Commercially, Katherine has successfully handled contract claims, property and construction disputes, partnership, boundary, and landlord- tenant disputes.

Katherine’s Certified Mediation Programme Training is recognised by the Institute for Leadership and Management (ILM). Her professional affiliations include the Institute of Cultural Affairs, the European, International Association of Facilitators, the Restorative Justice Council, and the Howard League for Penal Reform.

Other conflict resolution experience and skills

Katherine is an experienced trainer and programme designer in conflict resolution and peacebuilding and regularly runs trainings in the UK and internationally. She has designed mediation training for a variety of governmental, educational, and non-profit institutions including UNESCO and the Centre de la Mediation in Paris, and the International Federation of Trade Unions in Geneva.  She has designed and facilitated mediation, dialogue and conflict resolution programmes in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, West Africa, and Central Africa for several International NGOs.

Another dimension to Katherine’s experience is her work in restorative justice within the UK Criminal Justice and Educational sectors, which includes victim-offender mediation, community conferencing, and training in restorative practices, all of which bring another dimension to her mediation skills.


...obvious in-depth experience and knowledge was excellent and great at answering questions

...a real eye opener to benefits of mediation for all parties involved”

“…enabled me to assess and evaluate the sometimes complicated and stressful relationships at work in a focused and measured way and as a result come up with practical and highly effective action points. This really helped in terms of dealing with and addressing a range of work issues.”

A hugely beneficial experience

A calm and reassuring approach made me feel at ease with the process and helped me get the most out of it

“… handled a very sensitive situation brilliantly

I want to thank you so much for your guiding us the way you have, it has been a really beneficial learning curve

 “would recommend to anyone who wants to achieve greater clarity on their work context and relationships … and in order to develop a range of skills to address and manage conflict in the work environment”

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