David Evans

Oxford Mediation Steering Committee Member
ADR Chambers accredited mediator

Mediation Experience

David Evans started mediating in 1999. He trained with ADR Chambers and was accredited as a civil and commercial mediator in 2005.

David is an experienced mediator and “safe pair of hands”. His mediation practice is wide ranging and covers most types of civil and commercial disputes.  He is a founder member of Oxford Mediation.

“Evans is an experienced … solicitor, who has developed a highly regarded mediation practice …” (Chambers UK, A Client’s Guide to the Legal Profession)

“… an excellent mediator” (Legal 500)

Alternative Dispute Resolution

David usually works as a “facilitative” mediator, when mediating in civil and commercial disputes. However, he also accepts appointments both as an “evaluative” mediator, and as an “evaluator” in early neutral adjudication.

Mediation in commercial disputes is most often “facilitative” mediation, where mediators won’t express their own opinion of the rights and wrongs of the dispute. The mediator is neutral, facilitating negotiations between the parties.

Where “evaluative” mediation is agreed by the parties, the mediator’s primary role is still to facilitate negotiations. The mediator remains neutral and doesn’t decide anything. But where the parties agree, and if appropriate in negotiations, the mediator may express a view about the issues in dispute to the parties. Sometimes that may be enough to help the parties reach agreement when negotiations have got stuck.

Alternatively, early neutral evaluation might be appropriate if the parties in dispute want an independent neutral to give them an opinion about the merits of their dispute. The evaluator’s opinion is non-binding and the process remains confidential between the parties and “without prejudice”. Early neutral evaluation gives the parties a reasoned opinion which allows them to take stock and assess commercial risks. The process should be relatively low cost. Even high value disputes can be resolved where the parties want an independent assessment of their positions and want to avoid costly disputes.

Professional Experience

David has worked in the construction industry for most of his career. He is a chartered civil engineer, solicitor and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, having trained as both an arbitrator and adjudicator. He has a degree in civil engineering and master’s degree in construction management.

He worked as a civil engineer for 17 years. Since 1997 David has practiced as a commercial litigator and construction lawyer. He has practised as a mediator since 2005.

David’s experience makes him a popular choice as mediator in construction, engineering, property development or planning disputes. However much of his mediation experience is in general commercial dispute resolution.

David has taken on all manner of disputes, some involving substantial claims and several parties, including disputes over:

  • IT systems’ performance;
  • commercial contracts;
  • company / shareholder / partnership agreements;
  • franchise / agency agreements;
  • mechanical and electrical engineering;
  • professional negligence;
  • property disputes;
  • construction contracts, interim / final accounts, damages and extensions of time:
  • defective products / materials specification / product supply;
  • planning.


David also offers training and lectures on mediation, alternative dispute resolution and construction law.

For more information:

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