Roger Maddrell

CEDR accredited mediator
Academy of Experts
Consensus Mediation

Mediation Experience

As a very experienced mediator Roger believes Mediation provides a confidential, neutral, non-threatening environment for airing and settling all types of dispute. Once settlement is achieved, it removes the stresses and costs involved in going to Court and, most importantly, allows those involved to get on with their lives. In the case of company disputes, it can also allow them to continue their business relationships.

Roger qualified as a mediator in 1995 and, as well as being a founder member of Oxford Mediation, is an accredited mediator with a number of bodies including the Academy of Experts, CEDR, Middlesex and Thames Valley Mediators, the Institution of Civil Engineers and Consensus Mediation.

In the last almost 20 years his mediations have covered a wide range and types of dispute, including multi-party, with values varying from £2,000 to £4 million; up to US$12 million. Recent examples include:

  • International disputes; Contracts and Valuations
  • Wills and Inheritance
  • Internee and Prison Authorities
  • Construction disputes involving Workmanship, Materials and Valuations
  • Planning, Construction, Negligence, Qualifications and Fees
  • Insurance, Claims and Counter Claims
  • Shop Repairs, Leases and Maintenance
  • Local and International Goods
  • Contractual Disputes, including Companies and Partnerships
  • Purchase of New and Used Cars, and Guarantees
  • Local Councils and NHS Hospitals
  • Property Maintenance
  • Boundary Disputes and Property Leases
  • Disposal of Polluted Materials and Regulations
  • Professional Negligence, Claims and Counter Claims
  • Landlords and Tenants
  • Non-payment of Fees, Service Disputes
  • Employment, Wrongful Dismissal
  • Personal Injury

Professional Experience

Roger is a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers, with over 40 years’ experience in the UK, Europe and some 30 other countries. He has lived in some 10 countries, which has given him a good appreciation and understanding of other cultures, their customs and sensitivities.

He worked for a large firm of Consulting Engineers, and now has his own Company. While still active Consulting, Roger has continued his Expert Witness work, having given evidence in Courts around the World on some 17 occasions. Working as an Expert has also shown him the value of Mediation, and for the mediator to have a real understanding of the technical issues.

Roger also acts as an Adjudicator, Conciliator, Evaluator and Single Joint Expert.