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The difference between Employment and Workplace Mediation

Employment mediation typically takes place when the employment relationship is at an end and a dispute exists between the employee and the employer, whereas workplace mediation takes place when conflict has developed between two or more employees and the employment relationship is likely to continue.

The terms of business that apply to employment mediation are the same as those for a commercial mediation with Oxford Mediation. CLICK HERE for terms.

The workplace mediation process is a staged process requiring careful design. The process starts with a background briefing by the client, and is typically followed by individual meetings between the mediator and the parties. These meetings are then usually followed by a joint meeting involving all parties. The joint meeting might be followed by further private meetings and follow up sessions.

Workplace mediation is arranged somewhat differently form employment mediation and therefore the terms of business differ. See the difference set out HERE.

Indications of workplace conflict suitable for workplace mediation include:

  • Bullying/harassment/personality clashes
  • Long term sickness caused by workplace stress
  • Communication breakdowns
  • Line managers not having the tools to identify and tackle problems early
  • Higher than usual incidence of grievances/tribunal claims or disciplinary appeals

A global research report by OPP® in association with the CIPD published in July 2008 revealed that the average employee spends 2.1 hours a week dealing with conflict. For the UK alone, that translates to 370 million working days lost every year as a result of conflict in the workplace. The CIPD ‘Conflict at Work’ survey 2007 revealed that the average costs associated with employment tribunal claims for respondent organisations came to almost £20,000 per year.

Early intervention and preventative strategies, including workplace mediation, save time and money. One of our clients has said:

“I have just, for the first time, used the services of a workplace mediator at my firm and have gone from not even knowing that such services exist to being a huge supporter of the idea.”
HR manager in Oxfordshire.