Family mediation typically takes place when a relationship is at an end and there is a problem or difficulty to resolve but not necessarily. Sometimes people just want a structure to their discussions and to know that they have covered the essentials that their solicitors or the Court will want to see.

The terms of business that apply to family mediation are set out in the Agreement to Mediate that you are both asked to sign at the beginning of the first joint session. CLICK HERE for terms.

The family mediation process is a staged process which largely follows the court requirements. The process starts with individual meetings between the mediator and the participants. These meetings are then usually followed by a joint meeting involving both participants. Sometimes, by agreement of everyone supporters come to the meetings with one or more of the participants. They also sign the Agreement to Mediate but cannot take an active role in the discussions other than privately with the person they are supporting. Other than at the outset there is generally no private communication with the participants and, on average,  3-4 two hour joint meetings take place. The exchanging of complete financial information is an important part of mediation.

Shuttle mediation is possible but not encouraged. Co- mediation can be arranged as can counselling or financial planner support. Children can be seen to obtain their views.

If clients have a shared commitment to reach an agreement amicably, and a belief that they can in a supportive enviroment, then mediation can be very effective.