OM mediators offer ONLINE MEDIATION

With face to face mediations not possible and court cases further delayed, online mediation has never been more attractive.

Many of OM mediators use Zoom technology, with which many people will already be familiar. Zoom enables the mediator to set up an online meeting, including private “breakout” rooms, closely simulating the physical arrangements in a ‘normal’ mediation.

Different groupings of parties and their representatives can be brought together and can ‘meet’ privately with the mediator. There are some particular considerations relating to working online which your chosen mediator will go through with you before the day.

Depending always on the particular circumstances applying, we are confident in recommending online mediation across a wide range of cases, from workplace dispute to mutil-milliion pound damages claim.

The system is very easy to use, and we are happy to set up a practice session with anyone who is unsure about how it might work for them.

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